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Apex Legends 'Rat Trail' Found on Storm Point

This hiding spot is perfect for rat-stratting to endgame on Storm Point.
This hiding spot is perfect for rat-stratting to endgame on Storm Point. / Image courtesy of A1sauc3d, Respawn Entertainment

The ever-expanding Reddit library of tips and tricks is back at it again with another great hiding spot in Apex Legends, this time with a "rat trail" on Storm Point.

Whether you are a more experienced player or someone starting out, "rat" spots are always good to have in your back pocket just in case you need to heal, need somewhere safe to bunker up for late game, or even if you just want to rack up the ranked points after your teammates left early.

As posted by u/A1sauc3d on Dec. 21 with the title, "Found a whole rat TRAIL (accessible to non-movement legends) en route to a new rat spot (movement legends only, afaik) in Cenote Cave," the one minute and 43-second clip showcases an entire area that players can reach even without movement abilities.

The spot is located near the western edge of the Cenote Cave island.

At the beginning of the clip, A1sauc3d shows how players can simply climb up one of the rocks to easily secure high ground, with there being an assortment of elevated surfaces to hold down, including a whole cliffside.

For those looking for one of the best hiding spots on the map, A1sauc3d also shows how after navigating up and around the side of the cliff, as well as out-of-bounds timers, there is a bush that is nearly impossible to be spotted in.

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