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Apex Legends Received Bad Player Data: How to Fix

Photo courtesy Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends bad player data being received from a storage message has been persistent these last couple of days with the release of Season 12. In addition to the new season, Respawn released a couple of hotfixes. These changes to the game have led many players kicked out of Apex, waiting for the issue to be resolved.

Apex Legends Received Bad Player Data: How to Fix

As players are rushing to open their Apex launcher for consoles and PC, the rush has left Respawn servers at the near point of being unable to handle all the traffic.

As hotfixes have been released recently, many players have reported that they have received a “Server received bad player data from Respawn storage” error.

Before trying any troubleshooting, it is important to mention that this is most likely at the fault of Respawn and not the player’s console or PC. So, even after following these steps and it still doesn’t work, try to be patient for Respawn to fix this situation.

Steps to Troubleshoot Error Message

  1. Check if there is a downtime 一 Issue with the server, possible reports online
  2. Relaunch Apex Legends 一 Restart and remove all activity of game including Origin and open again
  3. Logout and login to Apex Legends
  4. Check for game updates
  5. Repair game files 一 Right-click on Apex Legends in Origin library and select ‘Repair’