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Apex Legends: Respawn Buffed Seer Prior to Release Claim Streamers

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

In a recent Twitch stream, pro Apex Legends player Mikkel ‘Mande’ Hestbek claimed Seer was buffed prior to release.

Seer, a Legend introduced to Apex Legends in Season 10, has been a hot talking point amongst fans. Many players felt that Seer was overpowered at launch and that certain abilities upset the balance of many matches. One ability that has been particularly bothering fans is Seer's passive "Heart Seeker" ability, able to track opponents within 75 meters.

According to Mande, Seer wasn't always going to be this overpowered. "He was completely fine in the playtests, like a good character." Mande said in his recent stream. Respawn allegedly "buffed him before they released him.”

Fans have been calling for Respawn to nerf Seer, in an attempt to better balance the new Legend. Seer's designer, Travis Nordin, seemed to agree with the claims, saying that Seer is "probably a bit too strong.” Respawn have confirmed that they will, in fact, be nerfing Seer but issues with a hotfix has led to a delay.

When Will Seer by Nerfed in Apex Legends?

A tweet from Respawn producer Josh Medina stated that they had run into some issues with the hotfix build, saying that these need to be addressed before they can proceed.

It's unclear exactly what changes are going to befall the new Legends. Some fans claim that a reduction in strength should be enough. Others believe that no matter what is reduced, Seer's passive and tactical abilities will still be an area of concern for most players.

No timeline appears to have been given for the fix so it seems fans will have to put up with Seers current build for a little bit longer.