Apex Legends Responsive Curve: How to Enable

Apex Legends Responsive Curse is an essential feature for accurate and steady shots for your in game character, especially in the new duos mode that has just been released.

What is the responsive curve, and how can it be adjusted in game?

Apex Legends Responsive Curve Explained

Basically, the Responsive Curve is the speed at which the game registers the movement speed of your reticle in response to the movement of your aiming stick on the controller.

Obviously, as the mouse on a PC provides a 1:1 response in terms of movement direction and speed, this is a console only feature. Considering the speed at which many of the guns in Apex Legends dispense their ammo, it is super important for players to have an understanding of the sensitivity of their weapons aim.

To adjust the Responsive Curve in your game, head over to controller settings and then into movement/aiming, where you'll be able to pick from one of five different Responsive Curves. For many players, Classic has proven to be the most balanced of all Responsive Curves, so if you're new to the game or are unsure of what setting you would like to use, go for this one.

Image Courtesy of EA/Respawn Entertainment