Apex Legends Revenant Heirloom Revealed in Genesis Event

Revenant's sleek new heirloom.
Revenant's sleek new heirloom. / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/EA

Apex Legends' Revenant Heirloom has finally been revealed ahead of the Genesis Collection Event, giving Revenant fans something to look forward to and covet. Here's what we know about the Heirloom.

Apex Legends Revenant Heirloom Revealed in Genesis Event

Revenant's Heirloom is a menacing scythe that crackles with orange and red electricity concentrated in circles along its blade. Those circles are hinges at which the blade can extend out. The blade can also fold down to parallel the handle, making the weapon more compact. Both functions are controlled via switches on the weapon's handle.

"Everyone's favorite spooky murder robot has a new toy," reads Respawn Entertainment's official description of the new Heirloom. "And good golly is it sharp."

The Heirloom won't be available until after the Genesis Collection Event ends July 13, giving players plenty of time to stew in their anticipation. After that date, the Heirloom will become available via heirloom crafting.

Leakers first discovered Revenant's Heirloom in May, when an unfinished version of the weapon appeared in the Apex Legends game files. Although the final version of the Heirloom hews fairly close to the data-mined version, the level of polish has been raised significantly.