Apex Legends revenue has been reportedly down spiraling since the game's release in February which comes as no surprise to many. The game skyrocketed to the top and looked like it could contend with Fortnite. That was short lived.

It was clean, sharp, and easily the most polished battle royale game at launch, but it lacked substance.

While Fortnite was pushing out weekly content and PUBG will always have the nostalgia as the first major battle royale game, Apex Legends quickly burned out.

According to a report from GamesIndustry.biz, Apex Legends earned $24 million in April. This is the second month in a row that Apex Legends has decreased and is a 74% decrease compared to the $92 million digital revenue take in February.

The game is hoping to draw back players at E3 where Respawn Entertainment is planning to reveal Season 2 Battle Pass after the initial disappointment in their Season 1 Battle Pass.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment