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Apex Legends Season 1 End Date

Apex Legends Season 1 end date will be announced soon as Respawn Entertainment announced the start of Season 2 at E3. Season 1 of Apex Legends brought many great moments with it, and fans could not be more ready to see what the game can do for its second season. With a confirmed release date of July 2, along with a new ranked mode, character, and gun, there is a lot of discussion around how the game will change.

Apex Legends Season 1 End Date

Most likely Season 1 will end the week prior the launch of Season 2, so expect the end of June as the dates for Season 1 ending.

Starting in season two, there will be a new ranked mode that will have matchmaking that relies on your rank and skill within the game. Additionally, the battle pass for the second season will be more rewarding to players with a greater amount of skins and materials to be given out.

A new character, Wattson, will be joining the game when season two rolls around as well. Her abilities will be able to place electric fences down that can be used defensively to hinder the mobility of opponents in the arena.

The final large change that season two will bring is the addition of a new gun, the L-Star light machine gun. This gun will only be able to be found through the opening of care packages. This was decided due to the fact that the gun will be very powerful and will have the ability to shoot down doors.

Cover Photo Courtesy of Respawn/EA