Apex Legends Season 11 Planned Legend Nerfs

Gibraltar in Apex Legneds
Gibraltar in Apex Legneds / Credit to Respawn/EA

Apex Legends' tenth season is roughly halfway through its 13 week lifespan and players are already beginning to wonder what the Apex Legends Season 11 planned legend nerfs are.

As of this writing, Respawn hasn't released an official list of patch notes but we can make some safe assumptions based on developer comments and the direction of balance changes released in Season 10.

Apex Legends Season 11 Planned Legend Nerfs

Upon release, Seer was immediately considered one of the strongest legends in the game. He was nerfed earlier in Season 10, but associate live balance designer for Apex Legends John Larson has confirmed in a twitter thread that more nerfs and reworks are on Seer's horizon.

"As far as release strength Seer goes, we missed the mark," Larson said. "While we can't solve the pain points of the reveal meta in a hotfix, I'm looking forward to jamming out longer-term solutions with the rest of the design team."

But we still don't know what exactly these nerfs will be or when they will be implemented into the game.

Gibraltar could also be receiving a rework that may hurt his overall effectiveness in competitive play, but make the character more appealing in casual matches. One change suggested by Cloud9 pro Zach Mazer would add a health bar to Gibraltar's Dome of Protection. This would surely limit the dome's protective capabilities, but a new buff could be coming alongside this rework that would increase the character's casual pick rate.