Apex Legends Season 16 Rumored to Skip Adding New Legend for First Time

"I genuinely think Respawn won't have a new Legend for Season 16."
"I genuinely think Respawn won't have a new Legend for Season 16." / Respawn Entertainment

It appears for the first time in Apex Legends, the launch of Season 16 could very well not include a new Legend.

The rumor has been discussed in recent days by prominent Apex Legends leaker Thordan Smash.

On Dec. 8, Thordan Smash initially took to Reddit to comment that they "genuinely think Respawn won't have a new Legend for Season 16."

Then, in his YouTube video posted on Dec. 17, Thordan Smash once again brought up his "slight concern" that Season 16 won't be adding a new Legend.

"There is one slight concern," Thordan Smash said in the video. "This may actually be the first season that we do not have a new Legend. We have never before seen that in Apex Legends. We do know the next one up is going to be Caliber.

"It'll be interesting to see if Apex Legends, with all their new changes coming in Season 16, even without a new Legend, can succeed."

Finally, on Dec. 19, a Redditor named u/AnApexPlayer posted a screenshot of what seems to be a list of things coming to Apex that Thordan Smash posted on Discord.

Among points such as "fragment would be updated," "Hardcore Battle Royale releasing at some point" and "Arenas are getting removed from the game," Thordan Smash seemingly wrote, "no new legend, but legend buffs and nerfs including lifeline buff W care package dropping faster."

Ultimately, as Thordan Smash mentioned himself in his Dec. 17 YouTube video, it would be interesting to see how much backlash Apex Legends would receive if Respawn were to go on and release Season 16 without a new Legend.

Although Season 16 is expected to introduce some of the aforementioned changes, including the Nemesis Burst AR — which would mark the game's first new weapon since Season 11's C.A.R. SMG — devs breaking traditions typically doesn't sit well among gaming communities.