Apex Legends Devs Explain Why There Isn't A New Gun in Season 5

Season 5 is underway in Apex Legends.
Season 5 is underway in Apex Legends. / Photo Courtesy of Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 5 introduced a new legend named Loba, a map update to Kings Canyon, charge towers and a whole new Battle Pass for players to purchase and level up.

With the new season starting May 12, fans were eagerly anticipating a new gun in Season 5, as with other seasons a new gun was added each time. This was not the case with Season 5 and developers Respawn Entertainment have commented why.

Apex Legends Developers Reveals Why There Isn't A New Gun in Season 5

Respawn Entertainment commented on many of the fans disappoint with the release of Apex Legends Season 5 that has no new weapon. It is revealed in the Season 5 patch notes on EA in which Respawn stated that the weapons pool is at the right amount. Respawn commented that the game is at a "sweet spot" for weapons as when there are too many weapons in the game, the "weapon pool becomes saturated."

Unlike Fortnite, which vaults weapons and re-releases them in different patches, Respawn says that vaulting weapons is not an option because players have purchased skins. Instead Respawn must develop creative methods for introducing new weapons to Apex Legends to ensure it's healthy for the game.

Respawn ensures and confirms that their weapons team are diligently working to continue the progress that has seen Apex Legends rise to fame and also made some changes to some weapons to ensure the game is kept competitive and fair.