Apex Legends Season 5 Start Date: When Does Apex Legends Season 5 Start?

When does Apex Legends Season 5 start?
When does Apex Legends Season 5 start? / Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts

Apex Legends Season 5 start date is approaching as fans await new content including Legends, weapons, map changes and more.

While there's still plenty of time left and plenty of things for players to enjoy in Apex Legends Season 4, fans are already looking forward to the Apex Legends Season 5 start date.

Apex Legends Season 5 Start Date: When Does Apex Legends Season 5 Start?

Based on the end date for the Season 4 Battle Pass, players can expect Apex Legends Season 5 to start sometime around Tuesday, May 5. A start date has not yet been confirmed by Respawn Entertainment or Electronic Arts, but it seems logical to assume that Season 5 will kick-off around the time when Season 4 ends.

There are questions as to whether Season 4 will be extended, given the COVID-19 pandemic already affected plans for an Apex Legends competitive season. There is the possibility that Season 4 is extended to make additional room for the competitive season, or the competitive season may simply kick back into full gear at the beginning of Season 5.

As the end of Season 4 gets closer, it's likely that Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts will make an official statement regarding their plans for Season 5 of Apex Legends, along with their plans to restart the competitive Apex Legends season.

Apex Legends Season 5: What to Expect

There's been a new Legend released every season since Apex Legends was launched and Season 5 will likely not be the exception to the rule. Early rumors have Loba favored to be the newest Legend, with her arrival being teased in the video revealing Revenant as the Season 4 Legend. But again, that information has not been confirmed and Respawn Entertainment has shown their willingness to change things on the the fly with the sudden death of Forge.

There will mostly likely be new weapons added to the game in Season 5 as well, with two potential new SMGs leaked early this year. There will also be a new Battle Pass, just like for every previous season of Apex Legends.