Apex Legends Season 5 Trailer Shows Loba's Apex Games Debut

The Apex Legends Season 5 launch trailer debuted Tuesday.
The Apex Legends Season 5 launch trailer debuted Tuesday. / Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

The trailer for Apex Legends Season 5 — Fortune's Favor debuted Tuesday, showing how Loba entered the Apex Games.

The trailer opens with Mirage and Pathfinder fighting on Kings Canyon, but it quickly travels down, below ground, to where Loba is exploring a secret Hammond Robotics facility. It appears to be the same facility shown in an in-game teaser discovered earlier this week, with several robots of the same build as Revenant lining the walls.

Loba accesses a terminal to display Revenant's face, but when she tries to shoot it the facility's security systems activate. In the fighting Loba blows up the facility, but its collapse forces her to the surface of Kings Canyon. There she sees several Legends, including Revenant.

"Come to kill me, little girl?" he taunts.

"Some day," Loba responds. "But for now?" She pulls out her pistol and fires at him, ending the trailer.

Loba joins Apex Legends' cast of playable characters in Season 5, scheduled to begin May 12.