Apex Legends Season 7: 5 Things Respawn Needs to Do

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

With Season 7 of Apex Legends only days away, everyone is looking for features that improve the game from what it is right now. The features below are what Apex Legends should look to improve in Season 7.

1. Pinging Your Legend's Ultimate Ability

This comes from an Overwatch feature in which you're able to tell your teammates how long you have left till you can use your ultimate ability. It would work well playing with randoms to know how much time they have left on their ultimate charge.

2. Viewable Statistics Overall

It would be extremely helpful to know how much health you have exactly on the health bar instead of just guessing. And the inability to track your damage mid-game is also quite annoying, especially when people are trying to reach a certain level of damage.

3. Favorite Legends List

If you're caught in a bind when selecting legends and someone takes one from you, you could end up playing with a random legend. Having three legends ready to go on your own custom list would make it much easier to pick when someone just took Bloodhound, even though you are ALWAYS Bloodhound.

4. Buffing Legends

As we've seen with previous legends that entered the game, some of them have fallen short of our expectations of what they can do. The legends need to be more evenly matched for a more diverse playing field, which requires buffing the lesser-used Legends.

5. Crafting Update

Crafting was a shock when it was initially added to the game. After letting it settle in, it is tedious. Spending 30-45 seconds to upgrade your weapon or shield. It needs to be simplified. Apex is all about swift movement across the map and crafting definitely slows you down and leaves you extremely vulnerable.

Hopefully, Respawn is up to the challenge in Season 7 to make it better than ever. We'll see if they're up to the task over the next couple of months.