Apex Legends Season 7 Trailer Shows New Legend, Map and Vehicle

Olympus is Apex Legends Season 7's city in the sky.
Olympus is Apex Legends Season 7's city in the sky. / Photo by Respawn Entertainment/EA

Apex Legends Season 7 – Ascension's launch trailer dropped Wednesday, showing off the new playable Legend named Horizon, a new map called Olympus, and the first vehicle in Apex Legends history.

The trailer shows Rampart, Mirage and Pathfinder escaping from World's Edge chasing after a rocket that flies them to Olympus, a city floating in the clouds. The map is bright and colorful, with plenty of lush plant life. Its layout leaked earlier Wednesday.

There, they meet Horizon, a Scottish astrophysicist who uses black hole-like gravity manipulation in combat. She also drives them around with the Trident, a vehicle that floats just above the ground and can fit up to three players.

During the trailer, Horizon tosses Mirage what appears to be a new weapon, but the gun itself is never identified.

Season 7 brings Apex Legends to Steam for the first time, introduces a new Clubs system players can use to build a community, and adds a new battle pass and season of ranked competition when it launches Nov. 4.