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Apex Legends Season 8 Hotfix Focuses on Bug Fixes

What are the biggest changes in the Mayhem patch notes?
What are the biggest changes in the Mayhem patch notes? | Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends hotfix released Thursday, Feb. 4, and fixed some bugs and exploits while also making some quality of life changes. Mayhem, the 8th season of Apex Legends, went live Tuesday Feb. 2, and brought a large number of changes including the return of the game's first map King's Canyon, albeit with some new areas. However, King's Canyon may not be in the rotation as long as expected.

King's Canyon, which was originally anticipated to be the only map in the game's rotation for two weeks, will now be the only one until Feb. 9, when World's Edge and Olympus will likely return.
An error where Belgian players could not buy the battle pass has been patched out, although the button to buy will still say unavailable. Other hotfixes patched out bugs that irritated players and exploits that allowed for some unfair advantages. A bug that caused Caustic's ultimate to persist even when he and his team had been wiped out was fixed, and so was an issue where Fuse's tactical ability did damage through shields. This patch also fixed an exploit where players could block the damage from a grenade by dropping an item on top of them. So now, once again, players will have to flee or find cover to avoid damage from ordinances. Respawn has also decided to make some changes to the zone, as player's complained about the abnormal frequencies of the final zone being in The Pit or Mirage Voyage.

The first hotfix of the season made some quality of life changes and fixed some annoying bugs and exploits. Being a new season, however, it's likely more problems are to be found, so expect more hotfixes to come later in the season.