Apex Legends Season 8 Will Have In-Game Damage Tracker

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

A long-awaited feature is finally coming to Apex Legends in Season 8. A Damage Tracker will finally be available in the upcoming Season. The feature has been one of the most requested additions to the game since players have only been able to see how they did at the end of the game.

Damage Trackers are available in almost every other Battle Royale game, which is why players have been asking for the tracker since the game released in 2019. Fans have never been shy about their desires for changes in the game, and Respawn is typically very reactive to those requests.

When questioned about the Damage Tracker, we've been told "it's on a list" of things Respawn has been working on since Oct. 2020. Now, we were finally told by Apex Legends Design Director that the long-awaited feature will be here in early Season 8.

It's unclear at what the damage tracker will look like in Apex Legends, and since this isn't an item that can't be leaked we probably will not know until they update the game. However, it most likely won't be displayed directly on the game-play screen. You will most likely need to go to the inventory page to see what kind of progress you're making in each match.

Regardless of how it's displayed this is huge news for players that are actively trying to achieve a certain level of damage per game. The tracker can help you to make decisions of whether to push or play conservatively based on what kind of progress you've made in each game. We'll see what the Tracker looks like in early Season 8.