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Apex Legends Secret Buff Eliminates Havoc Spin Up Time

Apex Legends Havoc rifle appears to have been secretly buffed at the start of Season 2.

A secret buff to the Havoc rifle arrived in Apex Legends Season 2, released July 2, allowing players to bypass the slow spin up time associated with the Havoc rifle.

The Havoc rifle is a powerful energy weapon that has largely been ignored because of the spin up time that prevents the weapon from firing at full speed for its first several shots. That spin up time was previously avoidable if Apex Legends players equipped it with the rare Turbocharger Hop-up attachment.

According to Reddit user u/spairus, that spin up time can be circumvented as of Season 2's arrival. In a video, spairus demonstrates that tap firing for the first six shots allows the slow fire rate to be ignored while still allowing the weapon to spin up and, from that point on, fire fully automatically.

The change was not included in the weapon patch notes Respawn Entertainment published alongside the Season 2 update. Whether or not the change was intended remains unknown.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts