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Apex Legends Servers Having Serious Disconnect Issues Ahead of Sept. 22 Patch

Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment
Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment /

Apex Legends is not a game exempt of server issues. In fact, the game's servers have some kind of issues quite often. However, the game currently is experiencing nearly triple the amount of server disconnects it regularly does, and Respawn Entertainment has not been able to fix it just yet.

Apex Legends Servers Having Serious Disconnect Issues

Apex Legends has had issues with cheaters taking advantage of their game to an abusive degree, but now it seems that the servers itself are harming the game. Players cannot log on, many getting what is known as Code: Cloud, which is the code for this server disconnect problem. This has caused Respawn to panic, and try to quick fix the issue, but the problem persists.

Respawn has already taken measures to try and soften the blow this issue has put on them, both by upping server capacity and putting certain fixes in place, but to no avail. The problem still hits the systems of many players, and will not go away.

As of now, the plan from Respawn is to be patient and wait until they can fully remove this issue from the game. The normally scheduled game patch on Sept. 22 will most likely be when most of the connection issues get addressed, and hopefully after that everything runs smoothly.