Apex Legends Shroud: Why the Charge Rifle Doesn't Need a Nerf

Apex Legends and shroud have a storied history. Shroud isn't known as an Apex Legends streamer, though, he spends plenty of time on the battle royale and shared his opinion on the Charge Rifle and why he believes it doesn't need to be nerfed.

Apex Legend Season 3 saw the introduction of a new map, battle pass, and weapon: Charge Rifle. At its base level it holds four shots per magazine and deals 45 damage per shot. It has the longest range of any weapon in the game and has 100% accuracy from the air

Apex Legends Shroud: Why the Charge Rifle Doesn't Need a Nerf

Here's shroud's thoughts on the matter, “It’s insanely good if they’re out in the open, but if there’s any cover at all, it’s really not that good… A Longbow will beat it, ya know? The only way to really do a lot of damage is to trace somebody for the full amount of time, but if they’re just poking and they’re peeking their head and sh*t, it’s really not that good… I kind of like the balance of it.”

“I don’t think it’s actually that broken. It feels broken when people are clueless (and in the open). Any tiny bit of cover, and it’s a useless weapon."

Opinion or not, the weapon is being nerfed and should be implemented soon.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment