Three Apex Legends skins appear to have been leaked ahead of the Iron Crown Collection Event as a result of data mining.

Apex Legends dataminer u/FrozenFroh revealed on Reddit the names of four of the upcoming skins along with each skin's corresponding banner and three out of four of the skins themselves.

Mirage will receive a skin called Captain Bamboozle that dresses him in a bright red shirt. Bloodhound's Caged Rage skin puts them in helmet and armor that resembles a Roman gladiator. Lifeline's Judge Jury Executioner skin also has a gladiatorial appearance, with golden armor on one arm and the other arm bare.

A final skin, Wraith's Protector of the Void, has yet to have its appearance revealed.

Art of Bloodhound's Caged Rage skin was posted and deleted July 26 by 5518 Studios, which provides art for the Apex Legends team.

The Iron Crown Collection Event is scheduled to take place Aug. 13-27.

Photo courtesy of 5518 Studios, Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts