Apex Legends Solo and Duo Modes Possibly Leaked

Apex Legends has been out since February, but players were forced to play in teams of three. Recent leaks might indicate that solo and duo modes will be added in the future.

Developers at Respawn Entertainment have teased that a highly requested feature from fans since launch will be soon coming to Apex Legends. Since the launch of the game, players have been asking for solo or duo modes instead of being forced to play in groups of three.

A leaker by the name of That1MiningGuy has found some information in the game's data referring to a new setting called "no fill." This setting would allow you to enter a match without being given any teammates, and would most likely let you drop with other players who have also selected the "no fill" option. This would also mean that players who select no fill in a premade group of two would play without at third teammate.

Although, unlike a true solo mode that other battle royale games have, if there are not enough players who have selected the option, then it is possible that you will still get matched against larger teams in order to fill the server.

Little is known about this potential addition to the game, but there may be some new information coming soon in Season 2 regarding this change to matchmaking.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment