Apex Legends solos will be available for the duration of the Iron Crown Collection in-game event, which Respawn Entertainment announced Tuesday.

In a brief video shared to Twitter, Apex Legends trios can be seen to dematerialize in real time, leaving just one member of each team alive. The trailer then proclaims "Only one can wear the crown," before showing Caustic dropping alone into King's Canyon.

According to its trailer, the Iron Crown Collection event is scheduled to run Aug. 13-27. During that time, solos will be available for the first time in Apex Legends history.

Further details about the event remain under wraps. Previous in-game events, such as the Legendary Hunt, have included cosmetic releases and challenges in addition to their special game modes.

During the Legendary Hunt event, players were able to try out a ranked mode. An altered version of that ranked mode became a more permanent fixture in Apex Legends when Season 2 launched, providing a hypothetical path for solos to do the same.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment