Apex Legends Solos LTM Announced

Respawn Entertainment has recently announced a limited time Solo Mode for Apex Legends as part of their new Iron Crown Collection Event.

On Twitter, Respawn Entertainment posted a hype trailer for the addition of a limited time Solo Mode for Apex Legends. Solos have been a requested feature from fans since the launch of Apex Legends, as the only way to play the game has been to compete in groups of three.

One concern that the Apex Legends team may have to tackle, however, is the balance of abilities between different Legends in the game. Certain heroes are more adapted for solos and 1v1 situations than other legends. For instance, legends such as Bangalore, Octane, and Wraith, who have great mobility, escape mechanisms, and smaller hitboxes, are much better suited to a solo environment than more situational, team oriented heroes such as Gibraltar and Caustic.

The limited time mode will be available on Aug. 13 alongside the Iron Crown Collection Event, which will contain new cosmetics that players can collect. The event will last until Aug. 27, meaning that it will last for two weeks.

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