Apex Legends Spitfire Buffed in Season 6

Apex Legends: Spitfire Buffed for Season 6
Apex Legends: Spitfire Buffed for Season 6 / Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends' Spitfire was buffed for Season 6 in relation to its handling.

While Respawn Entertainment was very vague on the changes made to the Spitfire in the patch notes, players have speculated that changes were made to the weapon. Consensus in the community is that the gun simply feels better to use, but many players can't put their finger on why. David Bocek, also known as AmusedApricot, has confirmed that the weapon was buffed for Season 6.

Apex Legends Spitfire Buffed in Season 6

In a Reddit post, AmusedApricot explained that the Spitfire's handling was improved through a reduction in recoil. The multipliers in vertical and horizontal kick have been lowered, meaning that the gun is easier to maneuver while firing.

"It's hard to give numbers on these sorta buffs because the numbers don't really mean anything if you don't understand the systems," explained Bocek. This explains why explicit, numerical changes were not shared with the community, as they have to do with the internal systems of the game.

The changes seem to be very well received, and players are enjoying the new version of the Spitfire. Expect to see the gun a lot more during your matches, as it is significantly easier to control.