Apex Legends Streamer Finds a 'Knock Off' Version of Octane's Stim Glitch

Photo courtesy of Respawn

Timmy ‘iiTzTimmy’ An was enjoying a game of Apex Legends when he accidentally discovered something. Octane had a pretty broken run back in Season 6. Players could use an exploit by pairing together his stim ability and spraying a holo. It would allow the stim to last longer and if you timed it correctly, you could even chain them.

That's where iiTzTimmy comes into play. As he's chasing an opposing player, he pops his stim then hops into a Wraith portal. As he comes out, he's able to pop the stim again while still under the effects of the first one.

Thus, Octane is flying at this point. Before he can really experiment and figure out what happened, He gets killed. The community is equally flabbergasted. No one can quite figure out why he was allowed to double-stim. Players have used stim and gone into a Wraith portal plenty of times, none have had the ability to use this exploit.

This clearly isn't as practical as the first time Octane could use multiple stims. Unless players find a consistent and concrete answer, this is going to be hard to replicate.