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Apex Legends Streamer iitzTimmy Catches Players Getting Boosted

Courtesy of Respawn

Apex Legends streamer iitzTimmy recently caught people boosting in pubs. Boosting has been a common problem in many competitive multiplayer games, but rarely has it been so clearly caught on film.

iitzTimmy is a Twitch streamer that's developed a community of over 2.4 million followers. He's known for being a professional Apex Legends player as well as a fulltime streamer. He often streams multiplayer games like Apex Legends and Valorant at an extremely high level.

Apex Legends Streamer iitzTimmy Catches Players Getting Boosted

On a recent stream, iitzTimmy is finishing up a game of Apex Legends with only two other teams left. As the ring closes, he notices that it appears like the other two teams are damage farming for badge. After searching the map for them, iitzTimmy finds both teams together behind a rock not killing each other. Despite both teams seemingly being in cahoots, iitzTimmy is still able to wipe them both out and clinch victory.

Boosting is a common phenomenon in competitive multiplayer games, as players will collaborate with members of the enemy team in order to artificially inflate someone's rank. This is banned in nearly every competitive game, and evidence of boosting can have your account permanently banned. While often boosting can be discrete and hard to spot, this example was quite clear cut and almost certainly lead to bans being handed down as a result of the popularity of the clip.