Apex Legends

Apex Legends Streamer Makes History with 200,000 Kills Using Mirage

Mirage holding the new C.A.R. SMG
Mirage holding the new C.A.R. SMG / Credit to EA/Respawn

Mastering one Legend in Apex Legends is hard. Nabbing 1,000 kills with any legend is harder. However, an Apex Legends streamer has made Apex history by getting 200,000 kills using a single legend.

On Jan. 12, Apex Legends streamer abusing_r2 became the first-ever player to reach 200,000 kills with one legend while using Mirage. According to them, along the way to reach the 200k goal, they managed to rack up over 47 million damage and a whopping 240,000 headshots.

abusing_r2 reached the milestone while live streaming, and when they finished the job, their fans were quick to share their congratulations in chat.

Viewers congratulate abusing_r2 for reaching 200,000 kills / abusing_r2 on Twitch

Finishing off the final opponent with a RE-45 on Storm Point, everyone in their chat quickly rushed to congratulate them on the massive milestone.

Luckily, abusing_r2 didn’t have to work too hard for the kill as someone they knew gifted them the 200,000th elimination so they could enjoy the moment.

It’ll be interesting to see what abusing_r2 decides to do next and whether they decide to continue raising the bar and grinding more kills. Maybe 300,000 is on the horizon, or maybe they would like to reach the feat with another champion. Whatever they choose to do next, congrats to abusing_r2 on a big achievement.