Apex Legends Streamer Shows Off Horizon Secret Feature

Courtesy of Nokokopuffs

Popular Apex Legends streamer Nokokopuffs showed off an interesting feature from Horizon where her footstep audio is significantly reduced when compared to other legends in the game.

In the battle royale genre, audio is one of the most important aspects of the game as hearing an enemy advancing toward you could be the difference between becoming the Apex Champion or being sent back to the lobby. Because of the importance of audio in Apex Legends, it goes to show that this feature on Horizon could be considered overpowered when used in-game.

Because of Horizon's passive, the character takes big, floaty steps when walking around, making it disorienting to listen to when compared to other legend's more traditional footstep noises. When Horizon walks around corners is when the audio gets significantly diminished as shown by Nokokopuffs in the featured clip.

When in the hands of a capable player, this secret Horizon feature could prove to be more overpowered than initially thought as it will give players the element of surprise when compared to the other legends in-game.

Although the community does not have any official confirmation on whether this is supposed to be a bug or a feature, it is still a viable tool to use when playing Horizon in Apex Legends and could prove to be a key factor in winning fights against unsuspecting players.