Apex Legends Suffers From Another New Sentinel Exploit

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Another Sentinel exploit is making the rounds in Apex Legends, once again charging it instantly.

Cut off the head of one bug and two more take its place. That certainly seems to be the trend in Apex Legends, at least. It seems that not long after being fixed, a new exploit has surfaced for the Sentinel which, like before, allows for instant charging.

Just last month, Respawn temporarily removed the Sentintel from Apex, along with the Rampage, due to a similar exploit. After reinstating the weapons with the glitch having been supposedly fixed, it wasn't long before players discovered that the weapons are still broken.

Apex Legends Suffers From Another New Sentinel Exploit

This time it seems that the exploit is triggered by Revenant or, more specifically, his Silence tactical ability. The glitch requires Revenant to be carrying the Sentinel, along with some shield cells. With some tricky timing, and all weapons holstered, players are able to use Revenant's Silence ability and a quick step forward to bypass the weapon's charging state.

In the above clip by RossBobSquirrel, he urges players not to use the glitch in real matches, particularly ranked, owing to Respawns attempts to clamp down on exploits. Doing so could see players get banned entirely.

Given how common glitches seem to be for this particular weapon, it wouldn't be surprising to see the Sentintel receive a full rework in future. Perhaps even seeing an exit from the game entirely. For now, players will need to be vigilant when encountering any Revenants out in the wild.