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Apex Legends 'Summer Tiki' Event Seemingly Leaked

It appears a summer, beach-themed event could be arriving soon in Apex Legends: Saviors.
It appears a summer, beach-themed event could be arriving soon in Apex Legends: Saviors. / Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

It's been a big month for Apex Legends thus far, with both Season 13: Saviors and Apex Legends Mobile launching within days of each other, as well as the title breaking its personal all-time highest concurrent player count record on Steam.

With all this in mind, recent leaks suggest that Respawn Entertainment is perhaps getting ready to take a second to smell the roses a bit and drop a summer, beach-themed event soon in Apex Legends: Saviors.

On May 15, prominent Apex Legends leaker HYPERMYST released a handful of images seemingly showing off tropical, tiki-themed charms coming soon for Valkyrie, Bloodhound and Pathfinder.

A few days later, Apex Legends content creator garret made a YouTube video highlighting HYPERMYST's leaks, adding that "charms are always released within events" and "all of these charms follow a certain theme."

"These are four of the same theme: summer-related charms," garret said in the YouTube video. "This means these are likely going to be sold in some sort of summer-related event, either in a bundle or a collection event."

As garret went on to explain in the video, a summer-themed event coming soon certainly makes sense considering Respawn also usually drops a Summer of Plunder sale every July, which tends to be very successful thanks to the fan-favorite bundles they often bring back with them.

"These themed charms have to come out sometime," garret said, "so we're going to have a full-on holiday-themed event or just a store."

Ultimately, a summer, beach-themed event certainly makes sense since the highlighted map for Season 13 thus far has also been the newly updated tropical island, Storm Point.