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Apex Legends Thrillseekers Arenas Event Leaks

An Apex Legends Arenas event called Thrillseekers appears on the horizon.
An Apex Legends Arenas event called Thrillseekers appears on the horizon. / Photo courtesy of Shrugtal, Respawn Entertainment/EA

Apex Legends data miners have uncovered information and cosmetics tied to an Arenas event that appears to be called "Thrillseekers" and scheduled for a mid-July launch.

Data miner Shrugtal says the Thrillseekers Arenas event will run July 13 to Aug. 3, scheduling it to kick off as soon as the Genesis Collection event ends. The event will feature three rewards trackers, one for each week of the event. The rewards include gun charms, weapon skins, and, as the top prize in the Week 1 tracker, a Legendary Rampart skin.

The event appears tied to Octane based both on its adrenaline-chasing theming and on the text in the rewards tracker.

"Yo, amigos! What're you doing, sitting around and reading stuff?" reads the description. "The Arenas are right there. You got games to win. And stuff—you can win stuff, too, if that's your thing. Winning gets you points for skins, gun charms, Apex Packs—and the prizes change every week, so you can't drag your heels. Come on, you could've already won, like, five times by now. Vamanos, or I'll beat you there!"

In addition to those in the rewards tracker, new cosmetics will appear in the in-game store during the event. They include the following skins:

  • Gibraltar — Ring Leader
  • Revenant — Seeing Red
  • Pathfinder — Down Right Fierce
  • Mirage — Chuckles the Barrelman

Respawn Entertainment has yet to confirm the event for itself, and it's unknown if the recently leaked Overflow Arenas map will be part of the event.