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Apex Legends TikTok Shows Off Super Fast "Punch Boosting" Trick

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player has revealed just how much faster "punch boosting" is compared to normal sliding, making it a perfect tactic for a quick getaway.

Apex Legends players have discovered no end of tricks to help gain the upper hand on the battle field. Of course, some of these tricks can be difficult to pull off, while others require just the right situations to unfold in order for them to be useful. In these cases, the tricks are often better used to show-off rather than having a practical use in-game. But the same might not apply to "punch boosting."

Demonstrated by user v1perapex on TikTok, "punch boosting" seems to be a lot more effective when going down a slope compared to normal sliding. Other players claimed that there were hardly any differences between the two, so v1perapex decided to run an experiment.

Apex Legends TikTok Shows Off Super Fast "Punch Boosting" Trick

In the TikTok, a race was held to see who could reach the bottom of one of Storm Point's biggest slope the fastest. V1perapex used "punch boosting" while their teammate utilized a regular slide. As soon as the race began, v1perapex was speeding leagues ahead of their teammate, proving that "punch boosting" might actually be a worthy trick to learn.

Be sure to check out the video here to see the trick in action.

The trick requires players to slide backwards down a slope while using a melee attack to create momentum. While it's difficult to see exactly where you're going, it can be used effectively to escape from a tricky situation and unmatched speeds.

You won't be zipping around the map with the trick, but you're sure to leave some opponents confused as they watch you boost down a slope and out of their grasp. Given that this trick is relatively easy to execute, try it out in your next match and see if it's as useful as it appears.