Apex Legends to Add Leavers Penalty to Control LTM

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex players will finally set to face a penalty for leaving their squads in Control matches.

Apex Legends developers have revealed via their Trello board that they're investigating players not receiving a leavers penalty in the Control LTM. So far, players haven't received any negative effects when abandoning their squads mid-match in Control - something that is in place for normal matches.

Control has been the first LTM to arrive in Apex for a hot minute, and has largely been well-received by players. Grouping up in teams, players fight for control over specific points on the map, needing to tally up a total of 1250 points or go for complete zone ownership in order to win.

Naturally, the mode hinges on having effective squads. So being a teammate or two down leaves teams at a serious disadvantage. Without any penalties for ditching a match, the frequency of this is noticeably higher than normal. Thankfully, it seems that this is set to change.

Apex Legends to Add Leavers Penalty to Control LTM

Image courtesy of Respawn, via Trello

A timeframe hasn't been revealed for when we can see a leavers penalty head to Control, so it's unclear whether we'll see it rolled out before the LTM ends. Currently, Control is set to be available up until March 1, though Respawn has plans to bring it back, likely with a few tweaks, in the future.

The label assigned to the post on the Trello board does indicate that the change will be coming in a future patch, whenever that may be.