Apex Legends

Apex Legends to Get Custom RGB Color Reticles

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players will be able to customize their reticles with an RGB color system.

With the new Raiders Collection Event coming to Apex Legends, a number of gameplay adjustments will be making their way to the game. One such improvement will be the ability to customize the color of your crosshair reticle, something Apex players have been asking about for a while.

Reticles in Apex have been the default red for quite some time. For those with difficulty seeing the color, the only option so far has been to switch to the game's colorblind mode. Being able to change the reticle to a color of your choosing, however, goes a lot further in being able to tailor the game to wider ranges of users.

That said, the Tritanopia setting had previously been the best option. This kept the colors mostly the same but changes the red reticle to a slightly yellow color.

The new system will be have a full RGB range. Players will be able to select either recommended presets, use the slider to select a color, or enter the RGB value for an exact choice. The option also allows players to adjust the brightness of the reticle and provides some test environments to test it out.

Respawn's Senior Technical Experience Designer Justin Masse said on Twitter, "All reticles except for the 1x Digital Threat and 4x-10x Digital Sniper Threat will use your custom color." This is due to the fact that these tend to highlight enemies in red when looking down the sights.

In order to customize the reticle, players will simply need to head to the gameplay settings and select "Customize" option, under reticle.

Be sure to check out all updates and changes when the Raiders Collection Event drops in Apex Legends on Dec. 7.