Apex Legends Treasure Hunter Leaked as Possible Collection Event

Apex Legends Treasure Hunter leaked as the next collection event
Apex Legends Treasure Hunter leaked as the next collection event / Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Treasure Hunter has been leaked as Respawn Entertainment's next collection event.

Respawn has never been stingy with their cosmetics. A collection event is one of the more popular-albeit short-lived—events players get to see. They typically only last two weeks, but there's a lot to do within that time frame. Often, players will see a Town Takeover that features a certain character, changes to the map, and outfits the hero with a new heirloom.

It appears that its never too early for an event—despite Season 5, "Fortune's Favor", only launching around month ago on May 12.

Apex Legends Treasure Hunter Leaked

According to credible leakers Biast12 and Shrugtal, a new collection event will be coming to Season 5. At the time of writing, DBLTAP cannot confirm the date on which this event will occur.

The name of the event, Treasure Hunter, was first leaked by Shrugtal.

Clearly, the developers have been planning this for a while. There are already physical files available that have been unearthed by these Apex Legends data miners. For example, Biast12 recently discovered a loot Tick that will likely debut in the game alongside Treasure Hunter.

The Tick, itself, features a brass and brown near-steampunk design and is decorated in what could be cartographic symbols. The logic follows as treasure hunts commonly start with a map. In fact, Biast12 also uncovered bits of a map texture that may appear in-game.

Currently, there is no word from Respawn regarding the possible event. Fans suspect a trailer or announcement should come any day now.