Apex Legends Trick Allows You to Avoid Fall Stuns

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

The "Fall Stun" in Apex Legends is the only reaction your Legend has when falling from a significant height. While your Legend will never sustain fall damage, you are incapacitated for a brief moment after falling from a greater height. This can leave you vulnerable to opposing players if you drop right in on them, so we've got new information that allows you to avoid the Fall Stun and get right to take down your opponent.

Previously, players were able to avoid the Fall Stun by meleeing the ground before you contact the ground. However, Respawn patched that, but we have a similar tip that will help. If you strike any wall or other vertical surface on your way down from your fall, you will break your momentum and avoid the fall stun.

A Reddit post shows exactly how you can do this. This was posted by u/Toyo0821 who makes a smooth transition from a high elevation.

It could take some players time before they're able to master this method and introduce it to their natural mechanics. However, it is worth adding to your repertoire because of the extra advantage it gives you in fights. If you're being chased, you can quickly turn on your opponent if they don't break their fall and get the jump on them.

Players do recognize that this was also patched by Respawn early on, so it is yet to be seen if they will also edit this function out of the game. With Season 8 of Apex Legends only a few weeks away, it's unsure if they'll have time to edit the function out by then. However, might as well start practicing if they decide not to.