Apex Legends

Apex Legends Trick Shoots Valkyrie Missiles Backwards

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

A player has discovered a useful trick in Apex Legends that allows Valkyrie's missiles to be shot backwards.

One of the joys of Apex Legends is the way the community consistently finds new ways to utilise characters, keeping matches fresh and interesting. Even with the release of Season 10, players are still exploring everything characters have to offer.

A recent Reddit post by user ColorBreaker revealed a trick that they've been using to help escape enemy teams. The player has managed to figure out a way to fire Valkyrie's missiles directly behind them, buying some time for an easy getaway.

Commentors to the thread soon praised the trick. User JoryB said "This is actually really really good. I’m gonna have to practice this, but it’ll be useful for running away from a team."

This particular Legend can be a bit tricky to master, but employing this trick could help players get the upper-hand in a match.

How to Use Valkyrie Backwards Missile Trick in Apex Legends

ColorBreaker begins the trick by running. From there players will need to jump, look directly at the ground whilst they're at the highest point in the jump and then shoot their missiles.

The trick might be a bit difficult to manage at first, but once mastered it's sure to be a game changer for many. It enables players to keep their momentum up while still being able to deter pursuing opponents. The timing of the missile file is key to this trick, so ensure that it's being performed at the very height of the jump.

Apex Legends Season 10 began on Aug. 3 and is set to end at the beginning of November, 2021.