Apex Legends Update 1.48 Hotfix Patch Notes

Apex Legends Update 1.48 Hotfix for Pathfinder is live
Apex Legends Update 1.48 Hotfix for Pathfinder is live / Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Update 1.48 is now live from Respawn Entertainment. This patch includes a hotfix for Pathfinder—specifically resolving the issue with his grappling ability uncovered a few months ago. Included with this update are, of course, quick clean-ups and simple changes for efficiency's sake. HUD overlaps have been tweaked as well as Crypto's ultimate ability, EMP.

Below we've complied a brief overview of the biggest changes coming in Update 1.48

Apex Legends Update 1.48 Hotfix Patch Notes

The primary change within this update is the fix for Pathfinder's well-known grappling glitch. The glitch has been plaguing players for quite some time. Pathfinder's animation would often break the line of sight, blocking players' vision with his shoulder when using the ability. Now, developers are hoping their fix will resolve the problem.

Whether the patch did its job, however, is being debated at the time of writing.

The next change involves Crypto's EMP ability and its conflict with his drone mode. Players piloting Crypto reported that they were unable to use weapons with the hero while activating EMP when he wasn't in drone mode. According to developers, this has now been fixed, and players should no longer have an issue with the ultimate.

Finally, Respawn developers have adjusted the layout of their HUD elements in order to not overlap with each other. This change affects the K/A and Performance pieces, specifically.