Apex Legends Valentine's Day Event Teased in Leaks

Apex Valentine's Day cosmetics appear in the game's files
Apex Valentine's Day cosmetics appear in the game's files / Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts

Apex Legends data miner iLootGames discovered several details in the game's files hinting toward a Valentine's Day event.

iLootGames first discovered just shy of two dozen quips that could plausibly be tied to an Apex Legends Valentine's Day event. Examples include "I didn't say I mended broken hearts," "You honor Saint Valentine," and "Love is blind... and so are you." iLootGames posted these quips without Legend attributions to Twitter on Tuesday.

Apex Legends Valentine's Day Leak

Later that afternoon, iLootGames posted images of a Valentine's Day badge and two Valentine's Day charms. Both the badge and one of the charms feature Nessie, the giant sea monster players discovered in-game after a long campaign tracking down Easter eggs.

Finally, iLootGames uncovered files indicating Respawn Entertainment would offer login rewards for the Valentine's Day event.

Respawn has made no official announcements about Valentine's Day celebrations in Apex Legends. The developer released Apex Legends Season 4 on Tuesday, giving players access to the game's new playable Legend, Revenant. Season 4 also brought about changes to the World's Edge map, and a new ammo type specifically for sniper rifles.