Apex Legends Valkyrie Abilities Explained

Courtesy of Electronic Arts.

With each new season comes several new additions to the Apex Legends universe and Season 9 is no different. It has been confirmed that for the new season - Legacy - a new legend will be joining the roster.

Season 9 is slated to arrive on May 4, 2021 so it is not long now until everything changes.

Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that the new legend for Season 9 is none other than Valkyrie. But just what are the aviator's abilities?


Valkyrie's tactical ability is called the Cluster Missile. This is rocket that has multiple explosions.


The VTOL Jets is the new legend's passive ability. It allows the player to hover airborne when holding down jump.


Lastly, Valkyrie's ultimate ability is called Skyward. To activate, press once to prepare, then a second time to launch into the air, and then skydive. Teammates can also join in this ability by interacting with the player.