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Apex Legends Vantage Troop Leader Bundle: How to Claim

Image Courtesy of EA Games

Here's everything needed to know in order to get the Vantage Troop Leader bundle in Apex Legends.

As part of a partnership with Prime Gaming, developers of Apex Legends are offering the chance for players to "show off what a leader looks like" with the Vantage Troop Leader bundle. In partnership with Amazon Prime Gaming, members of the subscription service are eligible to receive monthly rewards in Apex Legends, Destiny 2, and other participating titles.

The bundle features the Troop Leader Vantage Skin, the Overachiever Flatline Weapon Skin, and the All Patched Up Vantage Banner Frame. Check out the official hype trailer below to see them in HD.

Apex Legends Vantage Troop Leader Bundle: How to Claim

To benefit from the bundle, players must be located in an Amazon Prime Supported Country and have an active Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription with Prime Gaming enabled. Eligible players will then link their EA account to their Prime account.

Once that has been done, here's how you use the stuff in the bundle from the Apex Menu.

  • To apply the new skin, select Legends >> VANTAGE >> Skins
  • To apply the new banner, select Legends >> VANTAGE >> Banners
  • To apply the new weapon skin, select Loadout >> ASSAULT RIFLES >> FLATLINE

Apex Legends is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.