Apex Legends Vault Keys: How to Get

Apex Legends Vault Keys are key items that any experience Apex player should be looking for in order to grab some insane loot. What are the vault keys, and how can players earn them in the game?

Apex Legends Vault Keys

In order to obtain a vault key, you must find loot drones flying around the map. These loot drones are differentiated from regular drones by their red panels. Most drones are multicolored, but the red panels are exclusive to drones that are carrying vault keys. Shoot down the drone and you should be able to pick up one or more vault keys that have been scattered around the crash site.

Once you have obtained your vault key, head over to one of three possible vaults on the island. They can be found right around the Train Yard, the Geyser, and the Dome, and will each feature a door with a glowing lock on it. You may have encountered these vaults in your travels around the island before, but if you approached it without a key, you would be notified that a key is required to open it. Returning with your key, simply open the door and grab as much high tier loot as you can!

Image Courtesy of EA/Respawn Entertainment