Apex Legends War Games Event Leaked

What do we know from the new "War Games" leaks?
What do we know from the new "War Games" leaks? / Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

A new Apex Legends event, titled War Games, has been leaked. This event will occur before the ending of Season 8, meaning it must happen before early May. The new event has already had some skins leaked early, suggesting it may be closer than expected. For what it's worth, popular dataminer and the one who leaked the information Shrugtal, believes it'll start on April 13 and run until April 27, though he stated it could end up starting later.

Apex Legends War Games Event Leaked

This new event is expected to have its own prize track with five battle pass levels. Naturally, cosmetics such as legend skins, weapon skins, charms, and stat trackers will be included. It's also been confirmed the new event will come with multiple limited time modes. These include Killing Time, Flare Up, Armed Drop, Armor Regen, and Second Chance, all of which will rotate on a 48 hour cycle.

Dataminer SomeoneWhoLeaks detailed what all six new modes will entail. Although some, like Armor Regen and Second Chance seem pretty tame, with slight twists, others feel much more chaotic. Armed Drop, for example, seems like it could be absolute chaos, as pre-loaded loadouts makes looting, an essential part of the game, far less relevant.

For now, these are all the leaks about War Games we know of, but expect more to be unveiled as we get closed to its release