Apex Legends War Games Introduces Five Game Modes

Apex Legends' War Games event brings plenty of new game modes.
Apex Legends' War Games event brings plenty of new game modes. / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/EA

Apex Legends' War Games event will replace its standard unranked queue with a mix of five special game modes starting April 13, sending off Season 8 with a bang.

The first game mode, Second Chance, will grant all players a free respawn per match. When a player is killed, their Respawn Token will automatically be consumed. The player will respawn a short while later with all their gear and weapons, then skydive back into the fight. Assassin, Wake and Wrath badges will be disabled during this mode.

Ultra Zones will take over April 15. This mode creates more Hot Zones on the map filled with special loot. Those Hot Zones will be covered by Flash Points, which are glowing bubbles that restore HP and shields as long as players stand within them.

Things switch over to Auto Banners on April 19. This mode automatically retrieves the Banner Cards of fallen teammates, making revives easier. Mobile Respawn Beacons are also more common as loot.

April 21 brings Killing Time, which reduces the round time every time a player dies. This means the ring will close much faster than usual.

Finally, Armor Regen starts up April 23 and runs through April 27. In this mode, players regenerate armor at 12 points per second. That regeneration halts for eight seconds on taking damage, and that eight seconds doubles to 16 if the player's armor is cracked. Shield Cells are pulled from the loot pool.

War Games also introduces plenty of earn-able cosmetics and completable challenges.