Apex Legends Wattson is the newest Legend coming to Apex Legends and will arrive with Season 2 "Battle Charged" on July 2.

Wattson is built to fight fast-paced composition and will be able to help slower paced players.

Apex Legends Wattson Revealed as 10th Legend

Apex Legends announced many different things for Season 2 and Wattson is going to be one of the biggest additions. Wattson and her father actually created the arena that you play on!

Apex Legends Wattson Abilities

She can use Pylons to create barriers and fences that allow you to fence off defensive areas. Her ultimate drops a large bombardment in a certain area which will charge your allies shields while it sends grenades at your enemies. Not only does it do damage to enemies that push through the fence, you'll be pinged if enemies push through your fences.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment