Apex Legends Season 2 brought plenty of balance changes to the guns available in King's Canyon, but not all of those values are easily accessed in the game itself. For that level of granularity, fans can turn to this cheat sheet created by Overwatch caster James "Jamerson" Lee.

Jamerson's reference sheet shows all the relevant figures for the many guns in Apex Legends, starting with damage. Damage in Apex Legends varies based on where the bullet lands and what level of helmet is being struck. Jamerson includes all those variations for every gun from the lowly P2020 to the Mastiff Shotgun.

Jamerson also includes magazine sizes with each level of extended magazine, rate of fire, headshot damage multiplier and maximum headshot range.

The reference sheet is an all but necessary tool for players looking optimize their chances of taking home wins in the battle royale. Check it out on Jamerson's Twitter profile.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts