Apex Legends Weapon Tier List: March 2022

DBLTAP's weapon tier list for Apex Legends: Season 12 Defiance, updated for March 2022.
DBLTAP's weapon tier list for Apex Legends: Season 12 Defiance, updated for March 2022. / Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Our Apex Legends weapon tier list for March 2022 is here to break down which of the guns are the best to use now that the new meta has settled down a bit once again after the launch of Season 12 Defiance.

As the meta currently stands, there remains a wide range of weapons to dominate with in Apex Legends, as usual. However, that's not to say that players haven't figured out which weapons are slightly better than each other after the Season 12 patch. Here is how the weapons stack up in Apex Legends: Season 12 Defiance in March 2022.

Apex Legends Season 12 Weapon Rankings

S Tier

Kicking off the list, the Kraber .50-Cal Sniper, M600 Spitfire, Volt SMG and G7 Scout all get a free pass to the S Tier considering that they make up this season's Supply Drop rotation. Joining the elusive ranks of them, however, is the VK-47 Flatline, which has remained as pick-up-and-play as ever in Defiance.

A Tier

  • Wingman
  • R-301 Carbine
  • R-99 SMG
  • C.A.R. SMG
  • Peacekeeper
  • Mastiff Shotgun
  • Prowler Burst PDW
  • Rampage LMG
  • Triple Take

These nine weapons could easily be considered S Tier to some, but most likely will take some time and actual skill to be good with for most. The Rampage LMG remains a great option for support-role players, while each of the other options here also cater toward certain playstyles as well.

B Tier

  • Alternator SMG
  • Charge Rifle
  • Hemlok Burst AR
  • Longbow DMR
  • Sentinel

In B Tier are weapons that fare better than average and give you that sense of feeling solid and ready to go after looting for some time. While they can be used to finish games, however, there are likely better guns out there for you to depend on.

C Tier

  • Devotion
  • HAVOC Rifle
  • EVA-8 Auto
  • RE-45 Auto
  • Mozambique Shotgun
  • 30-30 Repeater

In the grand scheme of things, these six weapons aren't actually that bad. You can indeed win fights with them if you play your cards right. However, it's probably best to go other routes in your matches than using these. For those willing to give them a shot, the RE-45 Auto and Mozambique can actually be pretty good if you can find the Hammerpoint Rounds Hop-Up for it.

D Tier

  • Bocek Bow
  • P2020

Lastly, in D Tier are two weapons that might be good right off of the drop and in the early game, but can confidently be swapped out as the match goes on.

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