Apex Legends Weapons Tier List October 2021

The Wingman in Apex Legends
The Wingman in Apex Legends / Credit to EA/Respawn

The Apex Legends weapons tier list for October will look fairly similar to September's weapons tier list because there haven't been many changes to the many firearms available in the game.

The weapons in this tier list were organized based on how they performed in the following categories: the weapon's versatility, how often players use a weapon, the weapon's ease of use, and how reliant the weapon is on certain hop-ups or attachments. Weapons are in no particular order within their given ranks. Remember that weapons from the care package are not ranked in this list as they are purposely designed to be better than floor loot weapons.

Apex Legends Weapons Tier List October 2021

S Tier Weapons: *Chef's Kiss*

In S Tier, we have the Flatline, R-301, R-99, Prowler, and the L-Star. Both the Flatline and the R-301 are capable of winning fights at nearly every range. Choose the Flatline if you prefer a higher damage per shot and choose the R-301 if you value consistency and an easy recoil pattern. The R-99 has a ridiculous rate of fire and the Prowler is capable of downing an enemy with just three bursts of fire. Choose the R-99 if you have inventory space to carry enough ammo, but choose the Prowler if you need a SMG capable of poking at a distance. The L-Star received a small nerf recently, but it is still dominating the current meta. There will almost always be at least one L-Star in the final fight of any given game.

A Tier Weapons: Always a Good Choice

A Tier holds the Sentinel, Eva 8, Peacekeeper, Volt, Wingman, and G7 Scout. The Sentinel stands above other snipers because it can be charged to do more damage, especially if the player has gold armor which cuts the cost of charging the weapon in half. The Eva 8 and Peacekeeper are the best two shotguns in the game. Choose the Eva 8 for a faster firing shotgun, but choose the Peacekeeper if you want to deal absolutely huge damage in a single shot. The Volt has manageable recoil, does decent damage, and has arguably the best range of any SMG in the game. Truthfully, the only issue with the Volt will be finding enough energy ammo to use it. The G7 Scout is the best poking weapon in the game, but be sure to also have a weapon that will help you close range.

B Tier Weapons: Capable of Winning the Game

B Tier is made up of the Rampage, Devotion, Longbow, Charge Rifle, Hemlock, and the Mastiff. The Rampage is a decent weapon at long ranges, but other guns are capable of serving the same purpose but better. The Devotion is an intimidating gun if the Turbocharger can be found, but it's entirely average without it. The Longbow is seeing more and more use, but most players tend to prefer the Sentinel. The Charge Rifle is the only weapon with zero bullet drop, but it will be next to useless up close. At the time of writing, the Hemlock may be the most balanced gun in the game, but it is usually outclassed by better ARs like the Flatline. The Mastiff is a good shotgun, but doesn't clear-cut role like the rapid-firing Eva 8 or the hard-hitting Peacekeeper.

C Tier Weapons: Typically Traded for Better Weapons

In C Tier, we find the Bocek Bow, 30-30 Repeater, Havoc and the RE-45. The Bocek Bow is a fun weapon to use, but its difficulty and limited ammo supply hold it back. The 30-30 Repeater struggles up close even after the recent buff to the Shatter Caps hop-up. The Havoc with the Turbocharger is actually a good weapon, but why use it when the Devotion takes the same hop-up and is capable of a higher DPS with a more manageable recoil. The RE-45 is outperformed by the R-99 in close range and the R-301 in long ranges.

D Tier Weapons: Good Luck Winning the Game

The only weapon we have in D Tier is the P-2020. The only way the p-2020 was ever viable was with the Hammerpoint Rounds hop-up, but with those out of the loot rotation the P-2020 struggles against literally every other weapon in the game.