Apex Legends Will Not be Making 'Big' Hitbox Legends Anymore


Despite Apex Legends' Season 8 coming out in the near future, something that fans can't look forward to is more big legends like Caustic and Gibraltar.

In a recent interview about the upcoming Season 8 of Apex Legends developer Daniel Klein told fans that additional "big" legends will not be featured in the new season, and fans will have to stick with the current two.

These two giants allow gamers to be unique in their gameplay rather than always choosing a normal size character when landing on the map. As a plus, the giants take less damage than other characters since they are easier to hit. The fans love using these larger legends, but they also love all characters having the same hitbox, and these two just can't coexist.

Klein told fans that it would simply be too much work for the developers to either shrink the current two giants or add more with different hitboxes. Actually, he said that if he could go back, all legends would be the same size with the same hitboxes. While this would make the game lose its unique "big" legends feature, it would allow for an equal hitbox amongst all characters.

So, while we love Caustic and Gibraltar, we won't be getting any more large legends anytime soon. But hopefully, later down the line Klein, and his team over at Apex can make a way to get us more large legends with the same hitbox as regular-sized legends.