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Apex Legends' Wraith is No Longer the Most Popular Character in the Game

Photo Courtesy of Respawn and Electronic Arts

Interdimensional Skirmisher Wraith is no longer the most popular character in Apex Legends, according to a Lead Developer at Respawn.

Wraith has been the most popular character to use in Apex Legends since almost launch, in part due to her small hitbox, ability to open rifts between different places, and "Voices of the Void" sense ability. However, with the season eight update to the game, Respawn has looked to nerf Wraith out of the top spot, and they were successful. There are some new top Legends.

Photo Courtesy of Reddit: DanielZKlein

Apex Legends' Wraith is No Longer the Most Popular Character in the Game

According to Lead Developer Daniel Klein, Respawn increased the hit box size on Wraith, meaning she won't be as hard to hit, nerfing one of the biggest positives of using her. Respawn ultimately hopes this will change up the most used characters in the game and allow players to not abuse her abilities and perks and try out someone new.

Until Respawn releases an official, detailed list, we won't know the new most popular characters on Apex Legends. We can assume that besides Wraith being up there, we could see Legends like Fuse or Lifeline in the top three, with the number one spot up for debate after Season 8. Regardless, due to the nerf, you can expect to see a lot less of Wraith in Apex Legends after this season.